This is a 5 part Video Bootcamp (3 hours) by seasoned Director and Producer Nathan Blair (given at CONTENT2022). Note - Your generous purchase supports the CONTENT MEDIA CONFERENCES and the training of young filmmakers. For complete details of this bootcamp - see below


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Nathan Blair discusses his journey of mistakes and findings that lead to the most impactful decisions as a director/producer
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- But Why?

In 2019 there were 786 films released in theaters in the US and Canada and that’s 90 less than 2018.  So, why are you willing to swim in the treacherous waters of Amity Island (I’ll wait for you to Google that one) to bring your film to life? What is it that drives you?

- The Story’s the Thing

What is it that makes a move work? Is it the actors or editing? Is it the budget or the cinematography? Simple answer is yes, BUT they all take their cues from the script. How do you know yours is a winner? I’ll break down what I look for in a script, structure, dialog, concept and genre.

- Put It on the Screen

The most important areas to focus on to give your film the pop it needs to succeed. – Casting, Locations, The Look….


- Working With Actors

The reality is the actor is the final piece to the puzzle. They are there to bring a character to life, but they need the light, the camera the set design and location to make that moment pop. So, working with the actor is really about setting the mood. 

Finding THE Moment

- Creating a standout moment in film.

What is it that the scene needs vs what will make it pop?

- Directing a Scene

How do I direct a _____ scene? Fill in the blank and let’s break it down. What would I look for in that scene and what do I prioritize and why?

Note - once purchased an email with link will be sent to you - to access right away.

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