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CONTENT2023 Fall - 19 Sessions:

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#TitleLength (Minutes)Type
1Comedy Night_Leland Klassen60Video
2Devo_Beth Townsend27Audio Only
3Devo_Fred Mosely12Video
4Keynote_Anthony Phipps_Revival in the house of the filmmakers14Video
5Keynote_Kim Crabill_FOCUS28Audio Only
6Keynote_KrisAnne Hall27Video
7Keynote_Tracey Mitchell34Video
8Panel_Actors_Kimberly Williams_John Goad_Ray Hurd_Elias Kemuel_Joanna Lower_Sophia Shannon_Ulises Larramendi_Venus Monique60Video
9Panel_Distribution and Marketing_David Austin_Diego Calderon_Drew Nicolello_Joey Winiecki_Orlando Rodriguez47Audio Only
10Panel_Legal_Curtis Wallace_Kenneth Pybus_Raymund C King57Audio Only
11Panel_Women in Media_Tammy Lane_Bijou McMillion_Carla McDougal_Cheryl McKay_Fior Hernandez_Jeneen Hammond_KrisAnne Hall64Audio Only
12Workshop_Adnan Maqsood_Marketing and Media's Influence60Audio Only
13Workshop_Beverly Holloway_Master Your Audition55Video
14Workshop_Cheryl McKay_Script Adaptations48Audio Only
15Workshop_David Austin_Distribution69Audio Only
16Workshop_EmmaSara McMillion_Create A Culture-Shifting Brand44Audio Only
17Workshop_Jeneen Hammond_Acting & Producing62Video
18Workshop_Leann Barna_Pitching your script._With Rachel Daigh69Audio Only
19Workshop_Marcus Pittman, CEO of Loor.tv_Marketing to Gen Z32Audio Only

CONTENT2022 Fall - 10 Sessions that include:

2 Workshops (Training)
- Screenwriters with Leann Barna (NBCUniversal)
- Directors/Producers with Brent Miller Jr. (Eating with the Enemy Movie)
- Young Filmmakers Special Session

3 Devos (Inspirational)
- Minister and Teacher Fred Mosely (Laws of Life Court TV)
- Producer and Teacher Dr. John Diamond (America Unhinged TV Show)
- TV Host Kim Crabill (Roses and Rainbows)

3 Keynotes:
- Karol Ladd (Positive Life Principles)
- Cameron Arnett (Vindication, Running the Bases)
- BJ Arnett (BJA Today Talk Show)
- Vivian Aldana (Alpha Omega Network)


CONTENT2022 Spring - 16 Sessions that include:

2 Workshops (Training)
- Screenwriters with Leann Barna
- Directors/Producers with Trey and Ariel Fernald

3 Devos (Inspirational)
- Minister and Teacher Fred Mosely
- Producer and Teacher Carla McDougal
- TV Host Kim Crabill

2 News and Journalism Sessions
- Randall Terry (Time Boys Movie) - How to Deal with the Media
- Eric Scheiner (MRC - Media Research Center) - Killing Keystone Documentary

Special Speakers and Keynotes
- Randy Robison (Life Today TV)
- Tracey Mitchell (Think Big Podcast)
- Steve Bulzoni (BMG Global Distribution)


Awards Ceremonies from CONTENT2021 AND CONTENT2022 Spring and Fall

And several Actor/Stunt Demo reels


ADDED BONUS -  over 10 hours from CONTENT2021!

NOTE - once purchased an email with link and password will be sent to you within 7 days.

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