Theresa Westbrook

Theresa Westbrook
Producer, Host of "Time with Theresa" Talk Show

Time with Theresa Talk Show Website


Theresa is serving on the Producers/Directors Explosion Panel  


Theresa Westbrook has been active in media for over seven years producing and hosting local cable variety television talk show called Time with Theresa.

During Theresa’s interviews, her disarming personality encourages her guests to share their lives intimately and their talents generously. Theresa interviews a wide range of professionals, artists and talents, blending entertainment, fun, and information into a lively and empowering talk show. An array of notable guests has included nationally known authors, leading medical professionals, film directors, producers, Hollywood actors, musicians and famed singers.

Theresa currently serves on two boards, the Denton Community Television Advisory Board and the National Christian Media Association Board. You will often find her active in faith-based media projects and promoting family friendly, life transforming, positive and entertaining events and media.