Ron Newcomb

Ron Newcomb
Producer, Actor/Writer, Trainer, Filmmaker, Consultant and Family Man

The Forge Studios


Ron will be speaking on his passion, the business of film making.  He will also be participating on a panel and will be available to chat with you about your project.  He looks forward to seeing you there.

Ron invites you to attend his workshop at CONTENT19


Ron has written and directed award-winning short and feature-length independent films. He founded the Fellowship of Christian Filmmakers (FCF), a network of over 3,700 faith-based filmmakers and film enthusiasts, organized and co-leads the DMV Producers Association, as well as being involved in other film groups. Under his Opening Act Production, LLC team, Ron developed the feature film, The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers, a coming-of-age story about how a group of four friends learn there’s a little bit of geek and hero in all of us. Since its debut in 2013, TFH has been distributed internationally and has been dubbed in several foreign languages. Ron also produced, Made in the USA: A 30 Day Journey, which is a documentary that explores what the brand “Made in the USA” really means these days. Ron’s innovative trans-media concept, along with his strong IP of The Rangers will create a new, dynamic and lucrative model for independent film-making.