John-Clay Burnett

John-Clay Burnett
Editor, Color Grading (Polycarp, Beyond the Mask, I Can Only Imagine)

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John-Clay is teaching a 6 hour workshop on Editing and Communicating with Color


John-Clay Burnett has enjoyed storytelling ever since he learned to talk! He grew up creating skits and short home videos and from 2001 to 2004 interned in the video department at Character First.
In 2005, John-Clay started ReelCast Productions and specializes in cinematography, editing, and color grading. He has been significantly involved with a number of award-winning Christian feature films including Polycarp, Beyond the Mask, and I Can Only Imagine. He has also helped create several feature length documentaries such as Captivated, Awakened, and Wait Till It’s Free.
Desiring to inspire others to pursue this art in a God-glorifying way, John-Clay is a co-founder of Motion University and has been a teacher at multiple film workshops including the Lamplighter Guild 2012, MWCFA 2014-2016, and the Christian Worldview Film Festival 2014-2018.
John-Clay loves the Lord, his family, and creative storytelling. He is committed to communicating messages of truth with high quality visual media!