Blake Powell

Blake Powell
Award Winning Director - "The Soldier", Northridge Church Media Team

The Soldier Film BTS


Blake will be teaching a bootcamp on Church Filmmaking


Growing up, Blake’s sole passion was writing and playing music. He did the garage band thing throughout his teen years and in college he studied music and pursued a career in it . However, in his early 20’s, he stumbled into his true passion… filmmaking. He started out volunteering to help his friends on projects at church and soon began creating things of his own. When an opportunity arose to do videography full time at the church, he jumped in head first. Now a decade later, he is busy writing, directing, and editing projects for clients such as The Food Network, GM, Lending Tree,  and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to name a few. But his true passion still lies with sharing the message of Jesus through creativity and the medium of film. He continues to work full time at Northridge Church, where he takes a leadership role in all things video and creative. He loves being a part of a ministry that values creativity and storytelling as a means to getting the message out. After all, shouldn’t we who claim to know the Creator, be the most creative??