Angela Sweet

Angela Sweet
Actress, Writer, Business Woman and Artist

Reflective Media Productions


Angela is serving on the Actors Panel, Thursday at the Actors Luncheon 


Angela Sweet is an actress, writer, business woman and artist who has been called to create in a variety of ways. After receiving a scholarship to pursue a degree in medicine at the University of Portland, Oregon years ago, she had an uncomfortable and convicting conversation with a dying grandfather that prompted a drastic change of direction in her life course. The next week, Angela withdrew from U.P. and returned to what she now recognizes a blessing and gift, her natural passion for acting. 

Next to racing horses and exploring on stage, reading to the lens of a boxy 1980’s camcorder was Angela’s thing...she often convinced gullible friends to carry the heavy device around the family’s ten acre farm as she improvised monologues, copied animal noises and attempted foreign accents. This is one of many reasons she is grateful social media did not exist in 80’s or 90’s. The camcorder Angela read to and bible she read from both belonged to her grandfather...a man she would thank today if she could...for the epic, yet simple way he reminded her in a moment of naive people pleasing...that, her life would be wasted if lived for money or man’s approval. Or, her life could be BEST if lived authentically, even if in toil, for the glory of God. 

Months of coaching ensued from there and in 2002, Angela was was accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, relocated to Los Angeles and began her acting career represented by the Cosden Morgan Agency and became eligible to join the Screen Actor’s Guild. 

She held various roles, to include sitting on a very (silly) special stair in a Jimmy Fallon music video after being dumped as Chris Kataan’s girlfriend, laughing at the jokes of Jet Li, experiencing a moment of “I might be somebody” while accepting Fiji water from George Clooney on the set of Intolerable Cruelty. She got to kiss a famous bear, learn how to fall horses, play with baby tigers and showed up for the grind everywhere from NBC to Paramount, Universal, wrap parties and stand in for The Dixie Chicks...on the surface, all fun stuff with real people and she collected interesting stories, as do we all. Yet, the Los Angeles scene proved to be a deep and complex well for a girl who didn’t quite know how to be the light in darkness, who was overcoming wounds and still saw the Lord source of punishment. Angela thrived in the creative and business arena yet struggled and failed within many elements of the industry hustle. 

Just as her career began to escalate it was as though God plucked her out of LA to NC, where she married her beloved, Shawn Sweet, now husband of 16 years. They have two teenagers and four quirky dogs. In NC, Angela got to know the Lord, taught physical stewardship, founded and sold a successful fitness studio franchise. The couple has managed a national final expense insurance partnership for a decade now and helped to start a church plant in Montgomery, Texas only weeks before after Carla McDougal handed over a special script in 2014. 

The past few years have been an exciting whirlwind of events for Angela and the tight knit cast of We Are Stronger. Their creative family is expanding while they continue to give all creative process, product ownership and glory to God. Though the film won several prestigious awards, Angela’s favorite of all was the CMA Best Biblical Message Award in 2017 because she said, “it reflects His (the Lord’s) heart for for healing right now in our culture...the desire to use US- you, me, everyday messy people for great impact if we choose to be open and align our will with His.” 

After traveling to several states to meet, listen, share the movie, love and pray, the Stronger team found that every audience had their own bouquet of stories to tell...of both past and present...of both tragedy and triumph...yet, all with an unspoken thread of hope that only the Holy Spirit could justify. They had seen all types of trauma yet, the momentum behind Psalm 147:3 was, is and will continue to be evident, “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.” 

Angela won several awards for her performance in the hope inspiring film, yet her greatest takeaway from the entire experience is a drastic change of heart toward people in 

general...coupled with the opportunity to share God’s truth in divinely appointed, vulnerable moments. She says, “it was and continues becoming the opportunity of a lifetime, served up by surprise, saturated in the love of servant leadership.” The film has become a nationwide catalyst used by many faith based organizations along with Going Deeper, a group study offered at various host locations as well as online. 

Angela now serves as a Creative Adviser for Reflective Media Productions and volunteers coaching services to actors on set when there is a need for deeper development during the filming of Breaking Strongholds, RMP’s new faith based episodic television series. She recently directed for the very first time, is 2⁄3 finished writing a comical, yet hopeful book about female midlife changes and has been devoting additional time this year to organizations that provide trauma care, hope and healing to foster children. 

If offered the Hollywood dream she once had, it would pale in comparison to the unexpected best God has so graciously provided. Angela is thrilled meet you, to connect, share, learn and bring light into the dark places of media with you at the Content19 Film Festival and Media Summit!