Workshops, Panelist

Speakers for the Workshops, Including Panelist, Press and Industry Leaders

Nathan Ashton

Co-host for Film Tank // Audio Post Supervisor, Script Editor, and TV segment producer

Wes Bristol

Producer/Director "Chloe's Mountain"

James Burgess

Director of Photography, Editor, Director // "The Challenger Disaster", "Pilgrim's Progress", "Ace Wonder"

CAPS - Camy Arnett Production Studios

Contagious production team who will win you over!

Anita Cordell

Award Winning Actress, Producer

Pete and Judy Dechat

Author, Writer "Through the Fire" Book

George Escobar

Writer, Director, Producer "Alone Yet Not Alone", "Screenwriters", "Hero"

Kevin Fobbs

Producer of Holocaust themed movie drama “Never Again,” collaboration on 2018 police documentary “Bleeding Blue”

Chad Gundersen

Producer "The Chosen" TV Series, "Hoovey", "Owlegories"

Don Harris

Producer, Director, DP, Actor, Film Liaison for filming at CONTENT18

Paul Hastings

Film, Marketing and Political Consultant, Crowdfunding, Radical for Jesus, Serial Entrepreneur

Mark Haville

Writer and Distributor, "Life's Story," "Expelled No Intelligence Allowed"

Isaac Hernandez

VP of Programming and Syndication, Fired Up Man of God

Bob Higley

CEO Upliftv, Generous Jesus Lover

Mary Fay Jackson

Producer, Talk Show Host, "Texas Country Gospel TV", Songwriter

Ken Jenkins

Writer, Executive Producer "A Heart that Forgives"

Brad Keller

Producer and Director, "Assassin 33 A.D.", "Inspector Mom", "Brush of Honor"

Cassie Laing

Producer, Writer, "Saving Harper Ross", "Wyatt's Fort"

Chason Laing

Producer, Writer, "Saving Harper Ross", "Wyatt's Fort"

Dr. Mitch Land

Dean of Media and Worship Arts at The King’s University

Tammy Lane

Writer/Director "Crimson", Screenwriter, Manager of The Capernaum 1st Century Village and Film Sets

Andrew Librizzi

Writer, Producer, Editor, Creative, "Beyond the Farthest Star"

Wes and Amanda Llewellyn

Director/Screenwriters, "Under Water", "The Moment After" Movies, Directed Reenactment Segments for “Sid Roth’s , It’s Supernatural.”

Chris Lovett

Screenwriter, "Ties That Bind"

Laura Mae

Wife, Momma of 7, Casting Director, Producer, Actress and Manager

Gwendelynn Martindale

Film Festival Photographer, Filmmaker "One Day" Short, Actress

Scott Mendes

Actor and Producer of "The Don Reed Story: A Life on the Edge of Eternity” Documentary

Tracey Mitchell

International Speaker, Author, producer and Host of "Live from DFW"

Robby Mitchell

Co-Host of "Life From DFW" TV Program

Fred Mosely J.D, LL.M

Executive Producer, Judge, "Laws of Life Court TV" series

Ron Newcomb

Producer, Actor/Writer, Trainer, Filmmaker, Consultant and Family Man

Mike Norris

Founder of Norris Moving Pictures, Producer of "The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde"

Shane Reitzammer

President of CinemaStory, Producer, DP, Jesus Lover, Newly Married

Randy Robison

Writer and Producer of "Life Today" TV

Adrianne Schwanke

Content Director and Producer for "Shoring Up" TV talk show

Todd Sims

Producer and Director, "Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked with Jonathan Cahn”, "The Harbinger Decoded"

Erny Spears

CEO of Inspired Productions, Producer of "Station Late Tahoe" series

Curtis Wallace

Attorney, Producer, Author and Executive, "Not Easily Broken", "Sparkle"

Jean Selig Wenger

Owner/Agent Treasure Coast Talent LLC

Theresa Westbrook

Producer, Host of "Time with Theresa" Talk Show