Why Attend?

7 REAL REASONS to why you should attend CONTENT18!


  1. Located on a REAL working film set(s) - (this will inspire you!)
  2. Located in a 2200 Ranch setting (relax and hear from God)
  3. Bring your location scouts and producers to check out the many Film Sets for your next filming (awesome)
  4. Vote for the top film(s) in our FILM TANK Competition (what other FF allows you to do this?)
  5. Possibly be given $5,000 or more in our FUEL TANK Donation Panel (double pow!)
  6. Be ignited with our Prayer and Worship sessions (which we feel are intensively important)
  7. Enjoy the delicious homemade tasting cookin (come on - you know you want this!)

Questions?  Call us at 540-829-8101 (you will get a real person) or text us!