Special News & Journalism Awards

What are the Next Steps if I am Nominated/Win an Award?

1. Make plans to attend CONTEN2020 (registration), (airport/ride share), (hotel). 
Someone from your team (or friend or family member or associate or a speaker) must be in attendance (on-site or virtual) to accept the award to qualify.
NOTE - If you cannot find someone in person, that's okay! Please register for the virtual conference and you will automatically qualify!
To register virtually go to the registration form and you will find an option in Step 1 for the virtual conference.

2. Promote your Nomination with Laurels - Click Here
LAUREL INSTRUCTIONS - click on the link, choose laurel, place mouse over laurel, right click "save image as", it will download


Best Documentary - Epoch Times" 2020 Election

Truth in Journalism Award – Bradlee Dean – Sons of Liberty Media

Best Creative Story – Brittany Hughes - MRC Reality Check

Best Overall Production Quality - Gary Franchi – Next News Network BRIAN ROBERTS

Best Breaking News Program - Gary Franchi – Next News Network BRIAN ROBERTS

Best News Editorial - Graham Ledger: The Ledger Report (OAN)

Best Daily Talk Show – Alan Keyes  

Best Engaging Story – Lisa Haven

Best Video Podcast / Homeschooling– Garrett & Yvette Hampton - Schoolhouse Rocked.

Best Video Podcast / Video Magazine - Alex Newman – The New American

Best Video Podcast / Best Commentary - Abraham Hamilton III – The Hamilton Corner

Best Video Podcast / Education – Dr. Duke Pesta – Freedom Project Media

Best Daily Video Podcast / Coach Dave Daubinmire – Pass the Salt

Best Weekly Talk & Interview Video Podcast – Dr. Mike Spaulding – Dr. Mike Live 

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