John Goad

John Goad
Actor, Teacher


John will be hosting the actors workshop, The Psychology and Physiology of the Emotional Response.

Every actor wants to have authentic, vulnerable, raw emotional display that allows the audience to empathize or sympathize with the character.  Even if you are ok with wearing your heart on your sleeve, how do you do it take after take after take? And how do you do it without damaging your psyche? 

This workshop will teach you how to:
  •  Get over some mental blocks that keep us from displaying emotions 
  • How God's design of our nervous/endocrine systems work together to help protect us from and recover from stress
  • How we can live freely in the imaginary space and let our character's emotion flow (but not take it with us when the director says, "Cut!"). 


John Goad is an actor of over 35 years experience in the theater, commercial and film industry. At the age of 28, the "Hollywood Dreams" conflicted with his rebirth as a new creation in Christ. Putting aside his old self, John continually (or, rather, tries to) works on the most important character study of all, putting on the character of Christ.

He has studied under Eleese Lester, Connie Cooper and Tom Todoroff and teaches classic Method Acting instruction from the likes of Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Ute Hagen, Michael Schurtleff, Harold Guskin and others. John has since developed his own method of accessing emotions and living truthfully on camera.