Jeff and Christine Tonkin

Jeff and Christine Tonkin
Unit Production Stills / Set Photography / BTS


Christine will be serving in many different roles.


Based just outside of Houston, Texas, Jeff and Christine Tonkin have flourished as high school senior photographers for the last 10 years growing their business, DigiSmiles Photography. They are internationally recognized for their creative concepts that give their clients extremely unique senior portraits. Their images and articles have been published in multiple industry magazines as well as having CBS Evening News feature DigiSmiles in their story, “Elaborate senior photos.”

Jeff & Christine have taught at multiple photography conferences across the U.S. They are bringing their passion for creative portraits into the Christian film and TV production industry where there is much demand for artistic and visionary photographers to capture the storytelling of motion pictures into a single (or limited number of) production still image that is used for long-term marketing and publicity images.

Their fun, energetic teaching style will showcase their genuine, lovable, and approachable passion for their craft.

Photography Class Description:

Our workshop will be a flash-in-the-pan overview of all that is considered when investing in and/or being the dedicated Unit Still Photographer.

Bring your own camera (even if you only have a phone camera) for hands-on shooting where we get to practice what we learn in the class.


45-minutes in class

  • purpose and value of having dedicated Unit Still Photography
  • value of long-term marketing from professional production stills
  • communication with your Director/Producer
  • composition
  • lighting
  • creating story driven images
  • how to be a ninja on set


45-minutes hands-on (bring your own camera)

  • Experiment with learned skills on set of another workshop
  • Receive immediate feedback