Jean Selig Wenger

Jean Selig Wenger
Owner/Agent Treasure Coast Talent LLC



Former Florida talent agent & well respected for her work in the Faith Based film industry,  Jean Selig Wenger (Owner/Agent of Treasure Coast Talent), recently relocated with her family to southern California and is now a licensed & bonded CA Talent Agent. Jean is looking forward to establishing herself and Treasure Coast Talent LLC (the TCT Team) in the LA TV/FILM market, while continuing to serve the Faith Based film community nationwide. TCT's strength as an agency is with relationships. We value integrity, principle, and teamwork. We choose to maintain a small client roster & our actors are dedicated to the art of storytelling.  Jean also loves training & encouraging new actors who are filled with enthusiasm & questions about the film industry. She and her panel of industry professionals look forward to offering some practical info & advice to newer actors during her session at Content20, including...
HOW to get started as an actor in the film industry (including Faith Based films)
WHAT should actors know about headshots, resumes, & demo reels?
WHY is it important to define your acting "boundaries" before you begin submitting for & auditioning for projects?WHERE & HOW do actors to find legit casting calls 
Do's/Don'ts for great auditions & on set expectations (once you book a role)
WHY networking is so important (including the right & wrong ways to network)
WHEN to seek representation, and more...following by a time for questions & answers!

Treasure Coast Talent LLC is a licensed and bonded Los Angeles, California Talent Agency, License #000309470. 

Please visit Treasure Coast Talent website & Imdb page to learn more about agency
Jean Wenger-Agent/Owner
Treasure Coast Talent LLC , #213-262-9076