Brett Monk

Brett Monk
Veteran filmmaker, church planting pastor, and homeschool dad

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Brett Monk is a veteran filmmaker, church planting pastor, and homeschool dad. He has worked in radio, TV, film, and digital media for over 30 years. His experiences include directing feature films, TV shows, industrial films, and working on some of the great Billy Graham international satellite crusades of the nineties. He was also a church-planting pastor for 10 years.

Brett is currently focused on creating faith-based, family-friendly media for the new digitally distributed market. He is the co-creator of the popular "Mount Hideaway Mysteries" series of movies, and soon to be released books and audiobooks. He lives in Virginia with his wife, daughter, and their Goldendoodle Jethro.


WORKSHOP - "Turning Your Movie into Books and Audiobooks"

Indie Filmmakers, especially in the current climate, are searching for ways to add value to their films. Audiences are hungrier than ever, but investors and distributors are scarce. Adding Books and Audiobooks to your story's offering can add credibility, marketing leverage, and additional streams of revenue to your film project.

Brett Monk, veteran filmmaker and Tom Freiling, veteran publisher will discuss how to add published books and audiobooks to your film's offering. If you're already creating a movie, adding a book and audiobook version is a powerful and cost-effective way to make your project much more marketable and profitable. 

Topics discussed will include:

- How books and audiobooks increase your film's credibility and marketability.

- Finding your market niche  

- Are books and audiobooks profitable?

- Navigating Amazon, Audible, Kindle, and Traditional Booksellers

- How to (almost) guarantee you're on the "Best Seller List"

- Hiring a ghostwriter versus writing the book yourself

- How Audiobooks are different than Audio Dramas and other media

- Self-Publishing, versus working with a Publisher

- Typesetting, Cover Art, and all that "Publisher Stuff"

- Marketing your project - targeted social media, mailing lists, and working with marketing consultants