Bijou McMillion
Producer & co-host for The Mother of Change Show

Producer & Event Coordinator

Bijou is the producer and co-host for The Mother Of Change Show, a personal development talk show for moms looking for deeper answers. The show is growing quickly, and is now on 3 networks globally and recently launched as a podcast.

Bijou is passionate about the film community. As an Assistant and Associate Producer for four music videos, three feature-length documentaries, and various video projects, her talent is effectively executing tasks across a broad range of skills. Her work has spanned from line production and administrative assistance to project management. With a background in post-production, she has brought her knowledge from video editing and data management into projects such as The Redemption of An American Icon: Johnny Cash (Released Dec. 2022).

Bijou resides in Huntsville, Alabama. When she isn't producing, she loves traveling and making memories with her family.