Set Design Bootcamp


September 17, 9AM-4PM, Capernaum Studios

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Nathan brings experience

Nathan D. Myers is an Artist & Filmmaker with almost 40 credits as an Actor, Art Director, Producer, or Voiceover artist; recently, Nathan was nominated for Best Director of a feature at the International Christian Film Festival in Orlando for his Directing debut, Aria Appleton— a faith-based musical comedy.  He is owner of the Production entity responsible for the film, Grafted Studios, Inc.  Nathan is notably recognized as the design team leader of Capernaum Village & The Majestic Statue Garden 2007-2010.  Nathan Co-Directs Fort Worth Actors Studio with his talented Actor-wife D’Lytha Myers, and they have one, spunky, six year old daughter Aurora Jane. Nathan is thrilled to be playing Daniel Custis on the new episodic series Washington's Armor and is also supporting the Art Department from time to time.  

CLASS DESCRIPTION (6 hrs in Length)

9-10am: Intro to Production Design & Art Direction  Job positions and chain of command. Production Designer’s responsibility to Art Dept.  Understanding the role of Art Dept during stages of preproduction, production, and post.  Vocabulary.  

10-12noon: 100 significant films, clips, & palettes, discovering color, texture, and architecture.  Genre Is storytelling, genre exercise. Production design as a narrative tool.  

12-1pm: Lunch

1-2pm:  Keeping the production design budget down.  Projecting a production design budget.  Guerilla filmmaking with Art & Jesus in mind.  Being resourceful and practical while “all things are possible.”

2-3pm: Materials & Use. Clearances & permissions.  Product placement. Legal. CGI and digital applications.  After effects and Adobe.   The development of shot design and sequential storytelling.  

3-4pm: Getting familiar with working in studio.  Tools of the trade.  From Computers to spray paint.  Digital artists vs. hands-on makers. Matching studio work to a location.  

NOTE:  Master Classes/Bootcamps require a minimum of 10 students and will allow a maximum of 25 participants (depending on bootcamp), If 10 students is not met, we may cancel the class and refund your registration fee to this class.


Capernaum First Century Village, 10700 FM 920, POOLVILLE, TX, 76487
Same Location as CONTENT18

Deadline to Register is August 20 - Click Here 

Tuesday, September 17, 9AM-4PM, at Capernaum Film Sets

NOTE: Intensives require a minimum of 10 and will allow a maximum of 25 participants. Sign up now to reserve your spot!