Pitch-a-thon (completed projects)


(Pitch to Networks and Distribution Companies)

February 3rd, 2021, 2:30pm, Capernaum Studios


1. How do I sign up to Pitch?  First you must be registered for CONTENT2020 with a Full Registration to be qualified to sign up.  There are no fees once you are registered.

2. Once you are registered - then look at the table below to determine what time on Wednesday (February 3rd, 2021) you want to pitch, you are allowed 2 slots (first come, first served for reserving a slot).
NOTE - Each pitch slot gives you ONLY 5 MINUTES to pitch and no more.  The extra minute is for the rep from the distribution company.

3. Once you have chosen 2 slots - then email us through our contact page link, with the person- and company name and time of the 2 slots, and we will update the page with your name and reserve your spot within 24 hrs - click here

4. Note: Pitch-a-thon closes once all the slots are taken.

TABLE (CHOOSE 2 SLOTS) - February 3rd, Wed, 2:30pm

Time Slot
Pureflix (Linda Blazy)
Pitch completed projects: looking for completed projects that can be movies or series and can be faith or family and we are always adding Drama, Romance, Comedy, Kids and Docs

WTA (Dave Mechem)
Pitch completed projects: features

Parables (Isaac Hernandez)
Pitch completed projects: Specifically movies, series, docs, children’s shows, shorts, music videos
Arturo Allen  (CanZion Films) Pitch completed projects: Films, Theatrical Distribution for Christian Films Throughout Latin America 
BMG Global (Allex Rozeboom)
Pitch completed projects: feature films, shorts, episodic/series, and historical docs

2:30 pm

2:36 pm

2:42 pm

2:48 pm

2:54 pm

3:00 pm

3:06 pm

3:12 pm