(Pitch to Networks and Distribution Companies)

September 19, 2:15pm, Capernaum Studios


1. How do I sign up to Pitch?  First you must be registered for CONTENT19 with a Full Registration to be qualified to sign up.  There are no fees once you are registered.

2. Once you are registered - then look at the table below to determine what time on Thursday (Sept 19) you want to pitch, you are allowed 2 slots (first come, first served for reserving a slot).
NOTE - Each pitch slot gives you ONLY 5 MINUTES to pitch and no more.  The extra minute is for the rep from the distribution company.

3. Once you have chosen 2 slots - then email us through our contact page link, with the person and company name and time of the 2 slots, and we will update the page with your name and reserve your spot within 24 hrs - click here

4. Note: Pitchathon closes once all the slots are taken.

TABLE (CHOOSE 2 SLOTS) - 2:15pm to 3:15pm

Time Slot
Pureflix (Linda Blazy)
Pitch completed projects: features or documentaries.

Upliftv (Bob Higley)
Pitch completed projects

Parables (Isaac Hernandez)
Pitch completed projects: Specifically movies, series, docs, children’s shows, shorts, music videos.
Amanda Rockwell (j2911 Media) Pitch completed projects: features, documentaries, animation, tv series, children’s programming and short animated series AND projects that may need finishing funds or a broadcast co-production partner.
Maggie Riffler (CanZion)
Content for the Latin market, will be dubbed to Spanish and Portuguese audience.
Pitch completed projects: features, shorts, documentaries, animation.

BMG Global (Allex Rozeboom)
Pitch completed projects: feature films, shorts, episodic/series, and historical docs.

2:15 pmEsther Marle (MK)

Craig Dehut
Fred Mosely
2:21 pm

2:27 pm

David Criswell

2:33 pm

2:39 pm

David Criswell
2:45 pm

Esther Marle (MK)

Craig Dehut
2:51 pm

2:57 pm

3:03 pm

3:09 pm

Fred Mosely