News & Journalism AWARD WINNERS

Winners will be Recognized at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday, September 9th.


Best Documentary on the 2020 Election: Absolute Proof, Absolute Interference and Absolutely 9-0 – Michael Lindell

Best Patriotic Platform: Wallbuilders Live - David Barton

Best New Streaming Platform: Mike Adams - BrighteonTV

Best Livestreamed Event: Clay Clark – The Thrive Time Show

Best Daily Talk & Interview Video Podcast: Steve Bannon – Bannon’s War Room

Best News Channel: OAN / Newsmax

Best Video Magazine: Joshua Philipp – Crossroads

Best Weekly Talk Show: Mike Huckabee

Best New Media Platform: Jeff Struss - Charisma Media

Best Produced Program: Bob Denney – BrighteonTV / IAMTV

Best Interactive Call-In Program: Alan Keyes - IAMTV

Best Live Coverage Award: Right Side Broadcasting

Best Breaking News Program: Gary Franchi / Brian Roberts – Next News Network

Best News Program: Stinchfield – NewsMaxTV

Truth in Journalism Award: The Epoch Times

Best Investigative News Story: James O’Keefe - Project Veritas

Best Media Watchdog Organization: Media Research Center – Eric Scheiner

Best 2020 Election Coverage Show: America Stands – Greg Stephens / Tim Fox 

Best New Podcast Platform: - Jeff Dornik – Gatekeepers

Best Pro-Life News Program: Life Site News. John-Henry Westen

Best Courageous Journalist Award – Kari Lake

Best Prophetic News Program - Flashpoint - Victory Network

Next Steps if I am Nominated for an Award?

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Someone from your team (or friend or family member or associate or a speaker) must be in attendance (on-site or virtual) to accept the award to qualify.
NOTE - If you cannot find someone in person, that's okay! Please register for the virtual format and you will automatically qualify!

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