Covid -19

1. Are you still having CONTENT2020?

Yes we are, currently Texas allows trade associations to have their events.

2.  If I register and something happens and you cannot have the conference, can I get a refund?

Absolutely! If the conference is cancelled, we will refund your registration promptly.
- If it is moved to another date, we will give you the option of a credit or refund.
- If it is moved to an online event we will give you the option of applying your registration or a refund.

3. How are the numbers this year?

This year we are breaking all of our records!
More registrations, more film submissions, more scripts submissions, more interest than ever!

4. Do you have health guidelines in place for the conference?

Yes we do! from temperature testing to sanitation and common sense measures.

5. Will my temperature be tested once I arrive?

Yes, first thing and we will need you to sign a Covid-19 release form before you can attend the event.
If you are sick and are not feeling well, and have registered, please stay home and get well and let us know you cannot attend this year.

6. Can I count on your team to be praying for all who attend?

Yes - absolutely!  We have a team in place already praying for the conference and all the attendees.