BTS Master Class


September 17, Begins at 9AM, Capernaum Studios

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Jeff and Christine bring experience

Based just outside of Houston, Texas, Jeff and Christine Tonkin have flourished as high school senior photographers for the last 10 years growing their business, DigiSmiles Photography. They are internationally recognized for their creative concepts that give their clients extremely unique senior portraits. Their images and articles have been published in multiple industry magazines as well as having CBS Evening News feature DigiSmiles in their story, “Elaborate senior photos.”

Jeff & Christine have taught at multiple photography conferences across the U.S. They are bringing their passion for creative portraits into the Christian film and TV production industry where there is much demand for artistic and visionary photographers to capture the storytelling of motion pictures into a single (or limited number of) production still image that is used for long-term marketing and publicity images.

Their fun, energetic teaching style will showcase their genuine, lovable, and approachable passion for their craft.

CLASS DESCRIPTION (6 hrs in Length)

This class is designed for people who are wanting to serve on a film set and support the film and its producers.  Capturing and sharing the film making process builds interest and creates connections to their audience / fan base.  NOTE - Ideally for this class, a DSLR camera that shoots RAW is best, but even if you only have a cellphone camera,  you will learn tips and techniques that will help capture the production process.

Tuesday (4-hrs)

9AM - 11AM:

  • Purpose and Value of BTS
  • Communication with your Director/Producer
  • BTS techniques & vision
  • Creating story driven images
  • Composition for BTS
  • Lighting (what you can control)

12noon - 1:15pm: Lunch

1PM – 2PM:

  • How to “Be a ninja” on location sets
  • Hands-on experimenting (Students will go to other class locations within Capernaum to capture BTS images)

2PM – 3PM

  • Editing (quick Lightroom edits including culling, cropping, color adjustments & logo placement).

Wednesday (2-hrS)

9AM - 10AM
We will have a scheduled “check in” for 1-hour on Wednesday. This is when you will show us your images and we will give examples of what makes an engaging image for promoting the film.

9PM - 10PM

  • Hands on and editing

NOTE:  Master Classes/Bootcamps require a minimum of 10 students and will allow a maximum of 25 participants (depending on bootcamp), If 10 students is not met, we may cancel the class and refund your registration fee to this class.


Capernaum First Century Village, 10700 FM 920, POOLVILLE, TX, 76487
Same Location as CONTENT18

Register by August 20 - Click Here 

Tuesday, September 17 at Capernaum Film Sets

NOTE: Intensives require a minimum of 10 and will allow a maximum of 25 participants. Sign up now to reserve your spot!