Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor (A Perfect Chord, 2nd Greatest, A High School Story, SCION, Sleeper Agent)

Nathan will teaching the Directors/Producers Bootcamp on Monday, September 6th, 2021...

Welcome to the Directors/Producers Bootcamp!

So you have an what?

Nathan Blair offers up the lessons he’s learned from his years of mistakes and successes as a step by step guide to aid you in bringing your great idea to life.


This bootcamp will have:

·      An industry specific role assessment designed to help you find your strengths and weaknesses or areas of focus.

·      We will discuss some of the most important filmmaking aspects to get right for your idea/project.

·      An individualized project based guide to help you take your idea from your head to the screen.


What you’ll need:

·      Your ideas written down. Give a short (2 sentences max) logline or synopsis of the idea.

·      Pen & Paper and or laptop to take notes.

·      Business cards if you have them, for networking and connecting.

·      A sense of humor, because Nathan thinks he’s funny.


Make sure to register for this bootcamp and let’s get to work bringing those ideas to life!

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Nathan Blair speaking at Content2020


Nathan will teaching the Directors/Producers Bootcamp on Monday, September 6th, 2021, and also will be screening his new feature movie, Stealing The Show.

Sign up for the bootcamp here.


Nathan Blair has loved movies his whole life. As a child of the 80’s, his favorite movie of all time is “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.” He always fantasized about making movies but thought it too impossible. God disagreed. While working as a graphic designer, God began calling him to become a filmmaker. The calling excited and terrified him which eventually led to a time of fasting and prayer. As he tells it, “God only made me wait 2 meals thankfully.” He was sitting at his kitchen table when God spoke clearly with a simple word, “Go.”


With 5 feature films (A Perfect Chord, 2nd Greatest, A High School Story, SCION, Sleeper Agent) to his credit as writer, director, cinematographer and editor, Nathan has cultivated his calling to create high level crossover films with a Christ centered message. It has been said that Nathan and his cutting-edge production company, Kingdom Sight Studios are a “force to reckon with” in the faith-based industry.


Recently, Nathan has become the Executive Director of Cross Wind Productions; a 501(c)3 ministry where the next generation of Christian filmmakers are inspired, encouraged and trained, all with a Christian worldview. Nathan has said “While Christian filmmakers are producing new content that speaks to adults, Hollywood works tirelessly to capture the hearts and minds of our children.” Cross Wind is a place where teens can make a movie for teens.  A place they can speak a language they want to hear.


“In my opinion, movies represent the most powerful medium for communicating a message. Jesus spoke in parables to convey points because He knew the power of story. And when you combine story with stunning visuals and soaring music, you have a method to reach people on a deeper level. Filmmakers have been utilizing the power of film for decades, I just want to share a story of hope and joy, whether that’s a horror movie or a western. Movies move people, I want my movies to move people towards Jesus.”

Learn more about what Nathan brings at the Crosswind Productions Website