Fior Hernandez

Fior Hernandez
News and Journalism Master Class

Bi-lingual award-winning journalist

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Fior will be teaching a News and Journalism Master Class (Pre-conference) on Monday, February 1st, 2021.


Truth defines her! As a communicator, she upholds the responsibility to deliver the truth clearly. In a day where sensationalism often leads and cutting corners to meet deadlines is popular, Fior wants to be honest and competitively make the difference. She is a seasoned Bi-lingual award-winning journalist, but her greatest career accomplishment is to be a person the viewers can trust. Her experience with CBS, FOX, Univision, Telemundo, and others has been molded by field reporting on breaking news, anchoring news programs, producing, writing and video editing. Some say “Jack of all trades”, she says team player and master of one. Working in excellence is Fior’s war cry. She puts an emphasis on prayer and faith-based stories. After years of reporting for different news outlets, her passion to glorify Jesus through her work did not fit in the average newsroom, this was when the vision for Byline: Anew was birthed an independent news program on social media. Though she believes in being slow to speak and quick to hear, Fior is confident that it’s time for the voices proclaiming the truth of Jesus to be heard in media like never before!